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Michelle, Elainee & Eimee

A women owned business, we ensure that every wedding or special event is thoughtful with creative planning.  Every event should be celebrated elegantly with a touch of creativity for a memorable celebration.  Come book your next event with us!


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Elainee, a CSUN Business Management Graduate, brings her marketing and management skills and her design advice to . She is currently managing one of the many Walgreens stores here in Los Angeles and has shared her retail business knowledge with the company.

Michelle, a USC Graduate, has over 14 years experience in creating magnificent floral designs as well as planning many events. Her passion and inspirations come from everything she sees.  Her custom floral designs suit the client's personal style and theme. 


Eimee, a CSUN Graduate, has a passion for baking since she was in her teen years. As she began to plan and bake for family and friends she decided to share her passion by building a business with the two most talented ladies she has known for most of her life, Michelle and Elainee.

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